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Flexible Design For Users On Any Device

  Lucy Collins     Dec 08, 2010

The headlines are popping up everywhere: smart phone and tablet use continues to grow and is expected to surpass standard PC use within two years. Our devices are shrinking but our expectations for information delivery are growing. From anywhere with cell phone reception we expect to be able to send and receive email, get news updates, find driving directions, read restaurant reviews and pretty much have at our fingertips whatever we decide to enter into a Google search bar.

So as the website builder, how do we continue to deliver the information when the medium is constantly evolving?

The most straightforward and widely-used solution is to build a mobile version of your website. And at Atlas, that is often exactly what we do.

In addition to offering mobile websites, we also strive to ensure that our full websites are both visually compelling as well as flexible enough so that users on any device can easily access the fundamental information. In our bag of design tricks, you can find the following elements in use to ensure that we are accomplishing just that.

  • Clear definition of who the site belongs to
  • Easy to locate contact information
  • Highlight important information on the homepage and provide links for further reading
  • Web-safe fonts for vital information (instead of images)
  • Full site map at bottom of every page for clear and easy navigation
  • Consistent branding throughout font styles for usability

So while mobile websites are still king for the most clear-cut solution, it's still important to keep mobile in mind when developing full websites. To learn more about Atlas website design or see samples of our work, click here.

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Written by Lucy Collins


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