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Branding Behaviors Not Just Places

  Whitney Daly     Feb 17, 2015

Your brand is the relationship you have with your customers, prospects, investors, and employees, so of course you want it to be authentic, unique, relatable, and identifiable. At Atlas Advertising, we craft brands for regions all over the world, and at times, establish the very core of a community. It’s not easy branding a place; a lot goes into the process from initial concepts to final execution. What’s fulfilling for our team is the delivery of an exceptional brand to an organization; what is crucial to the success of the brand is the acceptance and subsequent generation of awareness led by a brand’s owner and team.

In order for a brand to be truly successful, all team members must accept and embody the brand. To live the brand is to live the mission of the place or community. To live the brand is to behave like the brand, and disseminate that behavior upon a targeted audience. Once board members, staff, key stakeholders, and others can relate to the brand and deliver its message(s), the outcomes of building said brand should follow suit: increased awareness about your community, cohesive community messaging, heightened interest in your region, and more inquiries about your community’s assets.

In a recent branding presentation – Demystifying Economic Development Branding – our team exposed the value of an economic development brand, how prospects and site selectors experience brands, how to structure a successful branding process, and how to leverage a brand for the largest impact.

If your branding efforts need a little TLC, we invite you to:


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Written by Whitney Daly


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