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Dear Atlas: My Website Isn’t Generating Leads. Please Help!

  Whitney Daly     Dec 09, 2014


Websites not performing to expectations is an age-old problem, and not just in the economic developmentindustry. Things like custom website design and development and conversion optimization aren’t million dollar businesses for nothing. So as an economic development organization, what should you be doing to ensure your website is putting in as much work as possible? 

There are a plethora of ways you can put your website to work. One of the first is determining your specific audience(s) and customizing your content so it’s relevant and interesting to those you wish to target. If you’re without a group of individuals, organizations, or regions that you want to focus on, your efforts will be too broad, focused on too large of a market, and generally scattered.


Another way to ensure you’re successfully garnering leads is to build, deploy, and maintain a consistent and thriving logo and brand. Without, you’ll likely fall into the same wavering and unfocused realm where you originally found your flailing organization. The most important thing you can do is differentiate yourself, discover what makes your community unique, and develop effective campaigns that drive your community’s success.

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Written by Whitney Daly


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