10 Economic Development Websites That Rock (2014 Edition)

Posted by Mariel DuPont on May 13, 2014 9:07:00 AM

Your website is your most critical marketing tool. Those who’ve ever marketed a place, helped create jobs, built capacity, attraction or capital (human and investment) know that it is truly a complex art form. Website design is also an art form. So wouldn't it make sense then that economic development websites would feel as vibrant as the communities they represent? Here are 10 economic development websites that ROCK!


  1. Columbus 2020:
    Why it rules: Columbus 2020 has slick design that’s practical with excellent widgets that lead to optimized conversions.

  2. Greater Phoenix Economic Council:
    Why it rules: GPEC uses a minimalist design that leaves users wanting to click on their well-positioned slider. Great contact information on the home page and information about their workforce gives prospects all they need to know quickly.

  3. Webster City, IA:
    Why it rules: Everything a prospect would need to know about Webster City, Iowa is visible and clickable on the homepage. Plus the website hooks visitors by telling a great story about the community. Not to mention cool home page picture sliders.

  4. Choose New Jersey: 
    Why it rules: New Jersey has an innovative incentive calculator for companies looking to expand or relocate to the State. Kudos for an amazing new feature!

  5. Right Place, Grand Rapids Michigan:
    Why it rules: This website has great sliding images and a map that gives the Right Place, a real place on the map. How else would we know that the largest art competition in the country is in Grand Rapids?

  6. Greater Rhode Island:
    Why it rules: This website has a cutting edge block-like design and an engaging storytelling video that collects viewer information and really gives prospects an immediate feel for Greater Rhode Island.

  7. Enterprise Florida:
    Why it rules: Everything you need to know, right on the home page featuring targeted key industries right up front.

  8. TVAsites.com: 
    Why it rules: TVAsites is among the largest economic development sites and building databases in the world. Did we mention that the average time users spend on this site is over 10 minutes?

  9. Boise Valley Economic Partnership: 
    Why it rules: Sliding ‘why I live here’ clickable navigation makes site engagement interesting. Integrated real estate search allows prospects to find what they need quickly and efficiently.

  10. City of Richmond, VA: 
    Why it rules: Find properties tab on the homepage, with a map and a featured properties listing that leads to enhanced prospect engagement. Campaign-like messaging on their homepage targets specific industry users immediately.

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