3 Tips for Writing Great Headlines

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Sep 22, 2009 3:55:03 AM

More and more we're seeing economic developers perk up in conversations about blogs and social media. And more and more we're getting questions about how to effectively manage these tools. So, today we're going to give you three great tips on writing good blog entry headlines.

Your headline is the gateway to your entry. Your users expect it to tell them what they're going to get. And so it should always be as clear as possible. Remember to edit for clarity when using the following tips or writing your own titles.

Blog (and Page) Title Writing Tips:

  1. Ask a question. A blog title that asks the user a question or asks a rhetorical question is designed to engage the user's thoughts and opinions, drawing them into your entry. This kind of title also lets users know what's coming--an answer or a request for their input.

    For example, a title such as "Why Should I Move My Solar Business to Michigan?" leads the user down an interesting path. It introduces the topic: solar in michigan. And it asks its audience (site selectors/business owners) a question that they might be asking themselves. A solar business owner looking to relocate is pretty likely to click on this article.

  2. Use a statistic. A blog entry that uses a key supporting statistic as its title lets the user know what's coming, intrigues them with new data and leads into a longer explanation of your point.

    For example: "Cost of Living 25% Below the National Average." This title presents an intriguing statistic and would be a great way to lead into the latest ACCRA data or other research on cost of living.

  3. Use a number. Web users like lists. Correspondingly, they like seeing titles that introduce a number of things they will find within. If you can use the word tips in the title with your number, more power to you.

    For example: "3 Indiana Statistics that Every Site Selector Should Know" or "5 Industries Where Our Workforce Excels." These titles both introduce a very clear topic that you will find within. And both offer the number (which also gives your user an idea of length) directly in the title. If you were a site selector, wouldn't you be curious--at least enough to scan the three or five points offered within?

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