5 Digital Marketing Tips Every Economic Developer Should Know

Posted by Mariel DuPont on Apr 24, 2014 7:00:00 AM

Marketing as we once knew it 5 years ago has fundamentally changed. The rise of social media, the increasing importance of 'search', the slow and steady decline of print have all changed they way that we interact with one another along with the prospects and companies that we seek to attract. So what should your community really know about digital marketing? 

  1. Try it, test it, talk about it – You have a social media trick that works? Share it! Everyone is trying to get a handle on social media and how to engage with propspects and customers, clients, supporters etc. The more you know and share, the more respected and influential you will become in your industry.
  2. Set Objectives – What do you want your digital marketing to accomplish? Conversations with companies? New leads? Brand awareness? Create goals and innitiative on how to accomplish those goals.You want 300 new twitter followers? Create a social media plan and stick to it. Nowadays you can schedule posts months in advance. Prioritize the time to create a killer social media strategy.
  3. Produce Content that is Relevant- Provide your customers (local companies, site selectors, other location advisors) with content that they find valuable, and above all make it easy to SHARE. Credible and entertaining content is a great way to spread your brand across the Internet. For example, include “share” buttons on the bottom of blogs that will automatically post your content to your readers’ social media page of their choosing.
  4. Use the services at your disposal- Use free services and if you have money to spare try buying some The Internet provides a ton of opportunity to freely market your business, especially through social media. Setting up a LinkedIn Company page for your EDO costs nothing, and is a great way to establish credibility and communicate with prospects, board members and other stakeholders. However, combining free marketing efforts with paid ones is the best way to maximize your outreach. Promoted Tweets and Facebook ads are successful ways to get your brand out to a mass audience. 

Here are a couple of great free digital marketing resources for communities:




  1. Always Remember Your Website – Even the greatest digital marketing strategy would be nothing with out a website. Remember that no matter how well your digital marketing efforts prove to be, your website is still KING. If you think of other digital marketing efforts as your marketing cheese, think of your website as your marketing trap.

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