5 Principles of An Excellent Logo

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Aug 27, 2009 2:02:57 AM

Logo design. It's something we haven't talked much about on this blog, yet it's incredibly important to the process of building a recognizable brand. So today I'm going to do a quick overview of the principles behind logo design and why they're important.

The principles of logo design:

  1. It's Simple
    Think Nike's slash logo, Pepsi's wave, Apple's bitten apple. All of these logos are incredibly simple. And incredibly effective. As in most of the stages of marketing, with logo design less is more.
  2. It's Memorable
    Consider McDonald's golden arches and Coca Cola's curly Cs. These logos are some that people remember, recognize and, in that familiarity, support.
  3. It's Timeless
    Again think Coca Cola. Whereas other soft drinks have redesigned, re-thought and re-done their logos, Coke hasn't changed. It's logo is the same today as it was years ago and it still works.
  4. It's Versatile
    Can your logo be recognized in color, black and white, on a background, without a background? Does it fit in a variety of spaces (aka. is it concise and simple enough)?
  5. It's Appropriate
    Burger King has a bun around the logo. Toys R Us is full of color and fun. Tropicana offers us the orange with a straw in it. And Apple Computers make things very clear with a chrome apple symbol. Aka. when you're designing or approving a logo for your place/company, make sure it fits.

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