5 Tips for Savvy Statistics Trackers: Use the Overlay Tool

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Sep 2, 2009 11:17:52 PM

Read: Tip one and tip two for savvy stats trackers and then dive right into tip three below.

Number 3 of the 5 tips for savvy statistics trackers:

3. Take a look at how your users click through your site. Another interesting tool provided by Google Analytics is a tool called the "overlay." The overlay allows you to see your site with statistics (percentages) overlayed on top of each link. These statistics reflect--in percentages--how many people are clicking on that link.

Once you have this information, you can determine what is working for you:

  • Are people using your main navigation? How are they using it? Are they always clicking on the far left navigation button? Far right? And, if so, you may want to move your most important navigation item to the far left or far right.
  • Are people clicking on links within the page? Which links? If they are on a specific topic, think about expanding on that topic or making the link for that topic more prominent. If they are links that follow a specific structure (do they say "click here"? Do they just link directly with the name of the page or URL?), consider using that structure more often and track the results of your testing. Find out what works for your users.

Use the overlay information to consider all your links and, if no one is clicking on them, consider the working, the placement and the content. If you have a content managed website, it should only take a couple steps for you to change the wording or placement of a link on your page. And, if you test different wordings or different placements, you just might find a sweet spot that drives more traffic to your important links and navigation.

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