5 Tips for Savvy Statistics Trackers: Set Your Goals

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Sep 3, 2009 9:30:39 PM

Read the first three tips here, here and here.

Now, #4 of the 5 tips for savvy stats trackers:

4. Set your goals. Savvy stats trackers know how to best utilize the tools available to them. One such tool, provided by Google Analytics and other software systems, is the Goals tool. This allows you to set up metrics to track the goals on your site. For economic developers, this goal is most often to see prospects:

  • fill out a contact form
  • sign up for an event
  • opt-in to an email newsletter

You can set up your Google Analytics software to track each of these goals separately and then generate reports to see how your website is actually performing.

This metric, more than any other, allows you to track results. The other metrics help you fine tune your website so that it generates these results, because without the results, why have an online marketing campaign?

Now, there are some results that may or may not be trackable. Prospects from the website may contact you via phone and never mention that they've been on your website. Prospects may go to the website 10 times before contacting you. Etc. So all this should be taken into account when you are looking at the amount of contact forms, email opt-ins and so forth.

But making sure to track the online results that you can is an important step to:

  • Finding out what works on your website
  • Seeing the value of your online marketing tools
  • Proving to your board that your web budget is going to good use
  • Reaching your goals

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