A Collection of "Top 5" Lists for Economic Developers

Posted by Whitney Daly on Nov 3, 2016 11:54:15 AM

Economic developers need tools; back pocket tools that aid in making their work easier. And easier means having the necessary resources readily available for when tough decisions arise. Decisions like:

  • How do we position our community digitally so that we generate utmost awareness?
  • What are other economic development organizations doing that we can emulate and make work for our community?
  • Through what social channels can we reach our desired audiences, and how do we most effectively promote ourselves on each of these platforms?
  • In economic development, where are the decision makers looking for information? And what types of information do they want to consume?
  • What are the methodologies driving the profession? Are there new strategies and techniques EDOs are deploying that we too can utilize for maximum exposure and impact?

In order to answer these questions, it helps to have a foundation - or set of tools - from which to Top 5 ways to be a better economic developerstart. And that's exactly what we've cultivated. Our set of "top 5" lists give economic developers some of the tools they need to answer the aforementioned questions and best position themselves for success in the industry.

The collection includes the following:

  1. Top 5 Channels to Reach Site Selectors in 2016 - Your relationships are more vaulable than you think, which is why 'Relationships' grabs the third spot on this list. Think: local stakeholders, data partners, local companies and businesses, educational institutions, your real estate community, and more.
  2. Top 5 Economic Development Websites in 2016 - Includes the likes of Orlando Economic Development Commission and City of Riverside Community & Economic Development.
  3. Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Content in 2016 - Inbound and digital marketing top this list as the strategies we believe are having the most influence on the changing landscape in economic development.
  4. Top 5 Social Platforms for Economic Development - From LinkedIn to Instagram, this list defines how economic developers can use social for professional outreach as well as more personal interactions.
  5. Top 5 New Marketing Campaigns Communities are Embracing - Workforce attraction initiatives is #2 on this list, as talent acquisition has become a game changer for communities across the country. 

In our recently released white paper, The Road to Economic Development Marketing Reinvention, each of these lists is complete with information to help you, the economic developer, find better ways to overcome your daily challenges. The information gathered can help you set a standard for your own organization, and develop metrics or goals you hope to achieve through smart, innovative, forward-thinking, and dynamic approaches to community marketing. The intent behind each one is that you use, replicate, find inspiration, and learn from others who are leading the way in the economic development profession.

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