A Guide to Unleashing Killer Content Marketing on LinkedIn

Posted by Whitney Daly on Mar 3, 2015 12:25:00 PM

Are you already publishing content on LinkedIn? If so, what strategies are working for you, and what type of content elicits the most reaction from your audience(s)? If you’re not yet publishing content on the professional networking site, here’s why you should start.

First, the exposure your content will receive is vast. You can distribute to niche groups, and put into the laps of your most specific audiences, specific content. Second, much of that which is published on LinkedIn appears in Google search results, and although we’re taught not to focus so narrowly on rankings, it’s always beneficial to be listed on page one. Third, people trust LinkedIn. It’s a professional networking/social media site where people connect for business or professional reasons. As such, content published here has more clout than, say, an article posted on Facebook or Twitter – both of which are used for fun and pleasure, and sometimes controversy. 

We do our fair share of posting and sharing on LinkedIn. We strive to spark interesting conversations within the economic development space, and we’re always attempting to serve our audiences with valuable and insightful information. Please connect with us by joining our LinkedIn group, High Performance Economic Development, and let us know what’s on your mind.

We encourage you to leverage LinkedIn’s network to strengthen relationships with leads, find quality board members, identify community partners, and more.

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