4 Ways to Ensure Website Quality

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Feb 10, 2010 5:24:27 AM

While there are more than four steps to most quality assurance efforts and definitely more than four things that could go wrong with your website and content, today we'd like to share four ways you can help ensure that your website, once launched, is living up to a high standard of quality and not making simple mistakes that could be avoided.

4 Ways to Ensure Website Quality

  1. Confirm your contact info. Every time you have contact info on a page (maybe it's on your homepage, in your footer, on the contact us page), you should be double checking to make sure that your phone number, address, contact person, etc. are all absolutely correct.
  2. Check for broken links. Go through your website (preferably before launch) and click on every link. Yes, I mean every one. In doing this, you're making sure that A. your link isn't broken, B. your link is going to the correct website and C. if applicable, your link is opening in a new window or tab on the browser.
  3. Have more than one person read the copy. It's easy to look over your own mistakes and miss a few, but having a second pair of eyes on the content of your website can identify those missed mistakes. Especially if those second eyes are the eyes of a copywriter or copyeditor. If you can't hire a professional copywriter to write your whole website, the next best thing is to have them edit what you write. It saves you money and can still ensure a quality, error-free product.
  4. Go searching for inconsistencies. The best way to do this is to come up with a style guide up front. A style guide is a document (Word, PDF, etc.) that tells you and anyone else working on the website what consistent rules to follow. It may specify the size of images, the placement of contact info, the colors of your text or the way you are going to write (for example: there's the Oxford Comma. This is the comma that comes before the "and" in a list of three or more items such as Red, Blue, and White. This comma is optional and you can also write your sentence Red, Blue and White, but you should make sure you choose to either always use it or always not use it throughout your site). Once you have your style guide, it becomes simpler to go page by page through the site and watch for inconsistencies in color, font, style, images, etc. And easier to make your site more professional, clean and user-friendly.

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