Become a High Performing EDO in 2014

Posted by Caroline Joy on Dec 20, 2013 9:27:22 AM

Atlas' Tips on for High Performance Economic Development:

You have to love a new year:

1. Blank slate
2. Fresh start
3. An opportunity to improve

Where to start though? How about a role model -- an organization that leads by example and whose actions and results can motivate many.

This post is the first in the series:. Each week you can expect us to profile a top performing EDO and hear first hand what they owe their success to.

First up: Columbus 2020

What is driving more conversations, and therefore more jobs and capital investment to Columbus, Ohio – more than any other market its size?

  1. A diverse economy and the ability to adjust and adapt more deftly than economies focused in one sector.

  2. Extraordinary business leadership at the highest levels, coupled with public leadership that removes barriers – work to build those relationships in your community!

  3. A bias toward ACTION and a focus on a clear, long-term stake in the ground.

  4. A focus on current businesses while not losing sight of their new opportunities

According to Kenny McDonald, Chief Economic Officer for Columbus 2020, “Successful economic development strategies have clear long-term goals, but are constantly measuring and tweaking tactics along the way.”

What strategies can you put into place to make your EDO high performing in 2014?

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