Community Development: Community Gardens

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Apr 23, 2010 8:28:26 AM

In economic development, one of the ever-pressing questions is this: how do I add value to my community? The word "value" can encompass a lot of things--and, depending on your goals, it can look different. But, nonetheless, it's a question we all ask ourselves when we're developing a community.

For business development professionals, adding value might mean working with the local government to cut through red tape faster, adding incentives, etc. For workforce attraction and retention professionals, adding value can take a different form: developing new bike trails around the community, offering great educational programs or, perhaps, fostering community involvement while beautifying your city with a community garden project.

I came across an interesting article today about community gardens and how they improve neighborhoods. Read the article here. What value do you think a community garden might add? And how important is it that we focus on the little things that we can provide to make our communities richer, prettier or more appealing to workforce, businesses or investors?

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