Content Audit 101: What Is It and Why Should I Do It?

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Jun 16, 2010 4:51:53 AM

So, what is a content audit and why is Atlas recommending that I do one?
A content audit is the process of sifting through all of your web content (from your website, blogs, social media networks, microsites, etc.) and identifying holes or issues with said content.

A content audit is most often done when you're about to start writing new website copy for a brand new website, but it is also a good practice to do an audit 6 months into your new website, one year into your website and so on and so forth. The reason your prospects come to your website is to consume content. They come in search of information about your place, your organization, your services, your available properties--and all of this is content.

In fact, the number one reason they'll leave your website and never come back is out-of-date or irrelevent content.

This is why you need to audit--to ask yourself two simple questions about every single page on your site (and maybe some pages not yet on your site):

  1. Do I have the content my user is looking for?
  2. Does that content accomplish what it needs to?

Whether you're getting ready to up the ante with a beautiful new website or are just ready to have better web content, now's the time to audit.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Content Audit 102: Getting Started.

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