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Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Jul 12, 2010 7:41:41 AM

Posted by Meghan Casey--a smart content strategist over at Brain Traffic--this fantastic article explores one organization that is doing content very very well. And seeing the results, in the form of fund-raised dollars.

"The Bear Center in Ely, Minn., has posted daily updates about Hope, an orphaned black bear, every day since she was abandoned by her mother Lily in May. Their audience has come to expect these updates, and the Bear Center delivers. Consistently.

I doubt the Bear Center has a name for what they are doing. But, what they actually have is … you guessed it, a content strategy. It’s simple: Give Hope fans what they want, then ask them to give money to help bears.

It’s working. Donations have increased exponentially. Even better, loyal readers are out there rustling up fundraising opportunities for the Bear Center. On their own. Without being asked. I’ve never seen such a captive and engaged online audience."

Read Meghan's full article.

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