Developing a Social Media Policy

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Sep 7, 2010 6:49:03 AM

With three new social media campaigns in the works and three new strategies solidified for those campaigns, we've been running into the same question over and over again:

What should our social media policy be? Or how do we write one?

In order to be transparent and keep users content, it's a smart idea to develop a social media policy. This policy might explain to partners or users how they can cross promote with you or what kinds of things they can leave as comments on your blog. It might tell your employees what your expectations are for representing the organization. And it might outline what platforms you will be using, how they'll be used and what's acceptable to post on them.

So, while you are thinking about your social media policy, consider these elements:

  1. An overview of what you are doing with social media and why.
  2. What kinds of posts are acceptable and what kinds of posts are not.
  3. What is your policy for following or fan-ing other businesses/accounts (will you not follow/fan someone because of offensive language? Or is your follow policy that the business in question will also follow/fan you back?)?
  4. Do you require employees to not post certain things about your community? Or do you require that employees include disclaimers on personal blogs/accounts that tell other users that the "opinions expressed herein" are not those of your community?

For examples, see these public policies by some big-name organizations.

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