How Do You Protect Your Reputation?

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Jan 5, 2010 5:52:22 AM

A nice little set of statistics by eMarketer offer us some insight into how companies are handling negative press.

This is a question/comment that comes up often in client discussions of social media. They're reticent to start using it because there are people out there who may use it to complain about their place, organization or product. But the truth of the matter is this: that conversation--for better or worse--is already happening. By joining social media, you're not inviting people to badmouth you. You're inviting people to join a conversation with you. And because you are a part of the conversation, you may be able to affect the outcome.

As you can see below, many companies are already using social media to engage in conversation with bloggers, twitterers, facebookers and so forth who are already talking about their places and brands.

Where do you fall in these statistics?

Social media chart

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