Marketing Test: LinkedIn beats email 20 to 1

Posted by Ben Wright on May 22, 2009 11:18:16 PM

As an agency, we have long championed new media techniques to drive marketing success. But even we are skeptical of new trends sometimes. Like this social media thing. A year ago I was sure it was a way to waste more time, not a sure path to success.

Now, I know I was wrong.

We recently did an agency promotion using two forms of online media – targeted email and Linked In. Here is a quick rundown of the performance:


Linked In

List (Network) Size


60, plus LinkedIn groups

Secondary distribution (forwards, sharing, posting in groups)

0 – no forwards detected

2,000 – size of the Linked In Group I posted the piece in

Opens of the communications


Don’t know

Downloads of targeted communication



Open Rate



Click through rate


Over 10%

These results were achieved using the same offer and the same language, but distributed in wholly different ways.

What does this mean for business to business marketing:

1. The network you have matters.

2. The groups you belong to matter.

3. Even relative to highly trackable, low cost marketing forms, social media can generate astronomically higher returns.

Does anyone else have experience with these kinds of results?

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