New Urbanism Meets Green Living in Vauban, Germany

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on May 25, 2009 11:19:09 PM

New Urbanism, a movement designed to create more sustainable, liveable communities, is popping up everywhere. Communities are becoming walkable, compact and even carless.

No, really, we mean it: carless.

In Vauban, Germany--residents of which The New York Times is calling "suburban pioneers"--a new urban, car-free community has emerged.

Imagine a community without garages. No one parked in front of your house. No large, concrete driveways. Just grass and bike paths and walkers on sidewalks.

Car ownership is allowed, but the only place to park is in garages at the edge of the development. So 70 percent of the community gave up their cars.

We've seen some of this before. New urban communities becoming more biker and walker friendly. Neighborhoods becoming mixed-use, with the grocer, your favorite restaurant and that cute little boutique all within walking distance of each other.

But Germany's taking a huge new step. And we dig it.

Read more about Vauban, Germany.

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