Online Education 102: More Terms For Understanding You Website

Posted by Lucy Collins on Feb 16, 2011 12:03:11 AM

As part of our education series, we are continuing with some key terms for understanding your website.

In part one of the series we defined terms to help you gain a better basic understanding of where your site lives (frontend vs. backend), how your site is displayed (browsers) and what are some commonly used acronyms (CMS and URL). In part two, we will discuss more advanced terms for understanding your website.

  • Bandwidth: Bandwidth is a site or connection’s capacity to carry information. It plays an important role in how many visitors can efficiently download/view a site as a time.
  • Browser Title: The browser title is what appears at the very top of your webpage, above the address bar.
  • Data Transfer: Data transfer is the amount of data transferred from a hosting server when a site viewer visits a page on a website. Sites with audio, video and images can generate a large amount of traffic. Owners of those websites should select a hosting plan and provider with a high range of data transfer.
  • Domain Name: A domain name is the portion of the URL that locates a group or entity on the Internet.
  • Flash®: Flash is animation software from Adobe. It requires little bandwidth and displays a moving or changing sequence of graphics.
  • Screenshot: A screenshot is an image capture of a screen’s contents.
  • Web-Safe Font: A web-safe font is a font that is guaranteed to display correctly on all computers. There are 6 main web-safe fonts: Arial, Courier New, Times New Roman, Georgia, Trebuchet and Verdana.

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