Predictions Part 1: Social Networks in 2011

Posted by Lucy Collins on Jan 3, 2011 12:01:50 PM

In 2010 Facebook continued to acquire start-ups and is now considered to be king of social media. MySpace made attempts to catch up but is really only useful for small-time musicians. Twitter grew tremendously and is now sporting a fancy new re-design. How will social media continue to develop in 2011?

An article from Mashable makes 6 predictions for social media and we weigh in on their thoughts:

1. Google’s Social Networking Efforts Flop Spectacularly

  • While Google has had plenty of flops in 2010, I wouldn't count them out in 2011. With the popularity of social media-integrated browsers like RockMelt growing in popularity, the idea of Google+1 makes sense. It all depends on how they execute and how user-friendly it is.

2. A Middling MySpace Is Sold Off

  • A strong possibility since MySpace should have had a funeral when IE6 did. I do think that there is great opportunity for someone to capitalize on the one thing MySpace still does well- allow small and local musicians to share their music.

3. Bebo Gets a New Owner… Again

  • While rumors indicate this to be true, I think it is also a strong possibility that Bebo simply goes away. They once rivaled MySpace back in 2006 but with all the advancements of Facebook (video sharing, etc. ), Bebo lost their niche and continues to sink.

4. No Facebook IPO in 2011

  • Considering Facebook is still grown at a steady rate and there aren't any serious competitors on the horizon, I would agree. Facebook is currently king.

5. Twitter Has a Very Boring 2011

  • Not completely sure I agree with the word "boring" here. I think I would say that Twitter has and will continue to mature. Twitter has exploded over the last two years. It's initial ascent included anyone and everyone and has since grown into what it was meant to be—niche groups having very topic-specific conversations. Using Twitter professionally makes a lot more sense than using Twitter personally.

6. The Social Networking Trend of 2011: Mobile Photos

  • Not only will mobile photos grow, I think social networks will continue to integrate photos and videos into standard offerings. The new Facebook redesign pays homage to what we all crave, images. Sites like Flickr continue to grow and integrating imagery into our tweets, blog posts and profiles only makes them more appealing.

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