Shopping for Overseas Real Estate Can Begin and End on the Internet

Posted by Ben Wright on May 29, 2009 6:35:22 PM

Four or five years ago, developers talked about the importance of creating a robust website for their development. They were curious as to how the internet could help generate leads and what role it should play in their marketing.

But the reality was this: they didn't have to use the internet. Sales were driven off a "launch event" strategy and often there were more buyers than there was inventory.

Fast forward to today. Pipelines are drying up. Sales have slowed. Developers are cost conscious. And launch events are a distant memory. Developers and their sales and marketing partners are looking for new and more cost effective ways to continue delivering sales.

What are the savvy developers doing? They're making a commitment to their websites, search engine optimization and social media.

Recent research and web stats verify that prospects are spending more time online researching their foreign real estate options than at any previous time. They expect to find more data and more hard facts on development websites and when they don't, they go away. They won't provide their contact information until they have gathered a significant amount of information on their own.

A recent article on the Seen on Real Estate website, talks about the role of the website with offshore real estate purchases.

This is the new reality of overseas real estate: to compete in the cluttered marketplace, development websites have to provide consumers with great data presented within a branded platform and delivered with an intuitive information architecture.

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