Suggestions For Social Media Best Practices

Posted by Lucy Collins on Feb 2, 2011 1:16:16 AM

A great question asked on our LinkedIn group, Next Gen Economic Development Marketers: How does your organization use social media and do you have any suggestions for best practices?

Here was our response:
What we are largely seeing is that EDO's are using social media as a utility tactic to achieve pre-determined goals. For some EDO's those goals may be as basic as increased website traffic, volume of inquires, organizational visibility and community standing. Additionally, they are validating social media's role in their marketing plans through setting a strategy and metrics for each of their goals.

We are truly entering a new era in social media marketing - one in which the distribution of content, data and dialogue are becoming ever so important. That said, here are a few things that we think economic developers should be doing with social media in 2011. Hope this helps!

  • Use a variety of tools to recruit Site Selectors/prospects to online meetings/fam tours.
  • Develop a dedicated approach to using LinkedIn for prospecting
  • Use Twitter to engage their investors, community stakeholders and to share information about their community
  • Use Facebook to develop a dialog with their workforce and residents
  • Integrate Social Media and sharing into their websites, email communications and mobile devices - analysts are projecting 80 million new smartphone users in 2011
  • Start blogging – or else they will be swallowed up by hyperlocal content
  • Share their video content on YouTube
  • Measure the results of their social media campaigns

Read the article that prompted this discussion, here.

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