Tell Us: How Do You Define Conversations

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Nov 5, 2013 9:20:50 AM

Why Metrics Matter: A Guide to Measuring the Impact EDO’s have on Their Communities

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It will explain the importance of driving conversations. It will also highlight the EDO’s who are doing this well – who focus on attracting, servicing and converting conversations into meaningful interactions. Which in turn, means more jobs and capital investment in their communities.

That being said, here is how Atlas defines conversations: “Discussions with prospective, existing or entrepreneurial companies who are expanding or relocating.”

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More specifically, Atlas looks at conversations on a per company basis – both existing and potential. However, Atlas only considers conversations as one per company – and not the number of conversations you have with each individual company.

How does your organization define conversations? Share with us the parameters your EDO uses to track conversations?

We’d love to open up a dialogue on this really important benchmarking indicator.

And if you haven’t completed our Benchmarking Survey, do so today! Our Atlas Performance Audit will rank your organization against communities that are similar in size.

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And don’t forget to tell us in the comments section how your EDO defines conversations for your market!

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