Using Social Media to Positively Brand Your Community

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Nov 18, 2013 8:53:57 AM

When you think of the following communities, what pops to mind? Silicon Valley... Las Vegas... Orlando...

More than likely, most of you probably had the following responses (or something very similar):

Silicon Valley ----> High-tech hub

Las Vegas ---->Entertainment and playground for adults

Orlando ----> Home of Disney and theme parks

Where do these brands come from? How did they come to be? Brands are actually a collection of characteristics (both tangible and intangible) that make a place unique. More importantly, it’s what others are saying about your community – NOT what you’re saying about yourself. In other words – the cow rarely brands itself. However you have the ability to influence what others are saying or thinking. And with the rise of social media, you now have more tools in marketing toolbox to do so. But how does one navigate their way through the labyrinth we refer to as social media? Our latest installment of social media webinars addresses this issue and includes incredibly helpful advice, such as:


  • Five things NOT to do in social media

  • What economic developers can learn about social media from celebrities

  • How infographics have become vital to your brand


Learn more from the experts: Ben Wright, CEO of Atlas Advertising, and Andy Levine, CEO of DCI and review their presentation: “Community Branding Online – A Positive Presence in an Opinionated World.”
Watch Our Latest Slideshare Presentation

Watch Our Latest Slideshare Presentation


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