What is Your City's Strategy?

Posted by Lucy Collins on Dec 21, 2010 8:57:26 AM

An in-depth look at different civic strategies invites us to re-think back down to the fundamentals. What is your city's strategy and what does it mean?

Four parts to a strategy-driven program:

  • A vision for what you want to achieve
  • A set of capabilities or programs you need to get there
  • A list of activities to bring them into reality
  • Execution, execution, execution

Developing and maintaining a well-founded strategy:

  • The best strategies often target a whitespace opportunity where there is not an entrenched competitor and you can get first mover advantage
  • Figure out the capabilities and programs you need to have in order to achieve the vision
  • Create a value proposition that creates differentiated appeal and which has sustainable competitive advantage
  • Think about the capabilities you need across all the dimensions of a city
  • Continuous re-evaluation and refinement all along the way

Read the full article, including a case study of Indianapolis, here.

Topics: Economic Development

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