Whose Job is it to Create Jobs: The Role of Economic Development Marketing

Posted by Ben Wright on Mar 15, 2013 10:48:13 AM

Were you able to participate in our March 6th webinar, “ The Role of ED Marketing in the Future of Jobs?” If so, you heard from economic development strategy expert John Roberts from TIP Strategies and our award-winning economic development marketing strategy team here at Atlas about how complex and crucial the role of ED marketing is in the future of jobs.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, here’s a brief overview – but you’ll definitely want to check out the archived video here. Our hope is that it will change the way you view your role as an economic development professional in the value you provide and the role you play in the economic ecosystem.

Think about this -- before the Industrial Revolution, no one had a job. We lived in an agrarian society where we farmed off the land to sustain our own existence. There were no paychecks or employees or hiring or firing.

The Industrial Revolution changed all of that. Jobs have now become so important to our society, it is a statistic that is stringently measured and tracked, and can even make or break a political candidate’s run at office.

So whose job is it to create jobs? The webinar helped us determine it’s not the responsibility of the private or public sector to create jobs. So the next question becomes – does a healthy economy even require jobs?

While we may not be able to answer these questions definitively, one thing is for certain – jobs are more important than ever. And it’s the relationship that jobs have to the rest of economic ecosystem that make them an integral part of the cycle:

Entrepreneurs first look for firms

Firms first look for workforce

Workforce looks for jobs

Because of this cyclical nature, economic development marketing should consider EACH of these three audiences. Why?

1. Because each audience requires different information – all of which is hard to compare and requires interpretation. We as economic development professionals can make that information exchange more efficient and more easily understood.

2. Because we MUST create differentiation. We must define for each audience what makes our own communities truly unique and different.

3. Because we need to help the audiences understand who we are, what we do and how relevant and important our role is in this economic ecosystem.

Want to talk more about the role your community’s Economic Development Marketing efforts play in the Future of Jobs?

Give us a call @ 303 292.3300 ext 232 or email guillermom@atlas-advertising.com for a 30minute review of your marketing strategy (at no cost) or promotional efforts.

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