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Posted by Whitney Daly on Jun 29, 2016 3:08:02 PM

Free normally gets people's attention. But to be honest, free doesn't always equate to relevant, quality, or substantial. Free can sometimes be synonymous with a catchy offer that initially draws you in but really is of no benefit or consequence. If you're like us, you want the best of both worlds. Free and favorable.


As an economic developer, you need tools. Tools to help you get the job done. Tools that will help position and strengthen your community. And tools that will allow you to compete and standout in today's competitive landscape. So we ask you. What's in your toolbox? If it's lacking depth, you're in luck - these five free tools will provide a solid foundation for your marketing ventures. 

  1. Marketing Grader - Unsure about the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? A look into your current endeavors can yield a better outlook for your organization. Recognize challenges, identify gaps in your marketing, and understand what mediums are best for future, targeted outreach. Your overall grade compares your organization to other, similar organizations - or the marketing balance of comparable places or entities. 
  2. Editorial Calendar Template - Content marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to share information. And whether you're disseminating community news or updates, industry insights, or partnerships announced, keeping yourself organized is essential.
  3. High Performance Economic Development Scorecard - If you want to be a leader in economic development, part of what you need to do is leverage the tools that you have, the people that you have, and the assets that you have and do something that might not be comfortable, that might not be fun, but takes you to a new place in a way that is productive and increases the sustainability of the profession. Part of this approach is building a culture of transparency and accountability, embracing the act of measuring your progress, and letting your metrics stand as indicators of your EDO's performance.
  4. Website Redesign Budget Tool - If your EDO is considering a website redesign, your first thought will likely involve costs associated with a project of this magnitude. The good news, however, is that websites no longer have to be extremely expensive. Cheaper options do exist if you're willing to forego some of the bells and whistles normally attached to a custom website. Whatever direction you choose, understanding projected and actual costs can save your EDO time and resources when you do ultimately decide to go down this path.
  5. Email Marketing Planning Template - Email continues to be an effective way to communicate with people: clients and customers, prospects, partners, colleagues, and other interested parties. And although there are no right or wrong ways to execute an email campaign, there are strategies that yield better results - better open rates, click-through-rates, and email engagement. A template is an excellent way to organize efforts and manage overall email performance.

Tools and resources are an integral component of good marketing. They're there when you need them. They provide answers to your prospects' questions. And they help your EDO and community stand out. Serving as a clearinghouse of information, knowledge, and thought leadership will bring people back to your organization, knowing the valuable resources they can expect.

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