How Marketing Automation Works for Places

Posted by Whitney Daly on Dec 3, 2014 9:41:19 AM

Marketing automation can be important for any organization looking to streamline operations and process flow. By utilizing marketing automation, you’ll find that your organization uses far less resources dedicated to HeroSlide2the marketing and promotion of your place. And why is that important? If you use less time and money on attracting people or businesses to your location, you can spend more time generating quality conversations with prospects. Quality conversations often lead to qualified leads, which can lead to increased jobs and capital investment for your region. 

So before we jump full force into marketing automation, let’s get back to basics for just a minute. What is marketing automation, and is it good for my organization? Marketing automation is building performance-driven, conversion-centric marketing programs on a large scale, and they’re often good for companies or organizations who no longer have, or wish to use, the resources to manage content, social media, and email marketing programs at a granular level. Moral of the story: if your enterprise is working hard to market and promote your place, and you want to save valuable resources, use marketing automation and let your tools and systems do the heavy lifting.

For a full guide on marketing automation, click here.

Topics: Online Marketing, Economic Development Marketing, Place Marketing

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