Online Marketing Tips: Content Credibility

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Jun 25, 2009 10:28:11 PM

Kelly recently posted a great article encouraging people to blog. I read through it and liked almost everything they had to say. Except this: they made the comment that spelling and grammar just doesn't matter. And that just isn't true.

Your credibility as a company may not rely on a single comma, an occasional misspelling or a slight misuse of the apostrophe key. But it is effected by how well, overall, your content is put together.

This online marketing tip is for your website and for your blog:

Content should be treated with respect. It's your message and it should be clear, clean and correct.

Your prospects are smart people. And just like you might think it was sloppy if a billboard misspelled their messaging, your internet reader can be put off by lots of grammatical or spelling mistakes. Not all of your prospects will care. But the point is this: even losing one lead over bad grammar is no good. One is too many.

So, when the article encouraged readers to just go write and not to have an agency doing any blog content work for you, I knew that I must speak up. I think their point is a good one: you know your product and you should write about your product (or place, as it were). Don't just leave everything up to an agency.

But do utilize your agency. Give them something to edit. Let them teach you about blogging for key words and phrases (for search engine optimization). Send them bullet points on what you would like your content to be and let them craft it. It's what we do: making your message clear, clean and correct. And credible.

If you don't want to use your agency to write blog content and refresh your website content into eternity, the next best thing is letting them teach you how. Get your original content from them; sign up for a training session or two on content, search engine optimization or what makes a good blog; and, then, make spellcheck your bestest best friend.

Because content has always been king. Always will be king. And, according to our research, it's the one thing that prospects are often most unhappy with: the recency and quality of content.

If there's anywhere to invest your time, resources and money, it's the message that your website is sending--through its content.

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