Search Engines and Users are Best Friends, Part I

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Aug 5, 2009 8:28:01 PM

You've heard that saying about the goose and the gander. Well, it's equally true here. What's good for your users is also good for search engine marketing.

Why? Because search engines want to direct users to content that is the most relevent, most useful, best laid-out and easiest to read. Their goal is to solve a problem or answer a question for the user. And, thus, if your site is good for the user (relevant, useful, well laid-out, easy to read), you're more likely to rank high.

Now, knowing that search engines are looking for content that fits into those categories (relevant, useful, etc.), how then shall we present our content?

Let's break it down into the categories I've mentioned above.

How to Be Relevant
First, ask yourself the same questions your users are asking. If you are, for example, an economic development organization, your users may be asking questions like:

  1. What kind of transportation is available to my company?
  2. What other companies like mine are in this area?
  3. What kind of incentives could I get for moving?
  4. What are real estate prices like there?
  5. Etc.

Whatever questions you come up with, those are the questions your site should address. Make sure your pages have the information that your user is likely to be searching for. That they answer any questions that a user might have. And thus your ranking in the minds of users, as well as in Google, will rise.

Stay tuned for our next edition: how to be useful.

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