Dear Atlas: My Website Isn’t Generating Leads. Please Help!

Posted by Whitney Daly on Dec 9, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Websites not performing to expectations is an age-old problem, and not just in the economic developmentindustry. Things like custom website design and development and conversion optimization aren’t million dollar businesses for nothing. So as an economic development organization, what should you be doing to ensure your website is putting in as much work as possible? 

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Flexible Design For Users On Any Device

Posted by Lucy Collins on Dec 8, 2010 2:16:01 AM

The headlines are popping up everywhere: smart phone and tablet use continues to grow and is expected to surpass standard PC use within two years. Our devices are shrinking but our expectations for information delivery are growing. From anywhere with cell phone reception we expect to be able to send and receive email, get news updates, find driving directions, read restaurant reviews and pretty much have at our fingertips whatever we decide to enter into a Google search bar.

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Four Marketing Tips, Courtesy of Your Dog

Posted by Lucy Collins on Nov 23, 2010 1:45:45 AM

Here at Atlas we are a dog-friendly environment. Not only are our smelly friends adorable and entertaining, but they also teach us about how to communicate clearly. For example, a wagging tail = happy, raised hackles (hairs on the back of the neck) = excitement, repeatedly sniffing the floor in circles = take me outside, and my favorite, licking of the shoes = please pet me.

In addition to these basic communication strategies, our dogs can also provide some basic marketing tips:

  • Grab the audience's attention
  • Engage emotions
  • Build trust
  • Be honest and memorable

Because dogs can naturally accomplish these, they are often used in advertising. In an article by Kim Gordon, these tips are further explained along with why dogs are such a popular marketing tool. Read the full article here.

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Topics: Branding & Design, Online Marketing

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