11 Ways to Ring in the New Year Economic Development Style

Posted by Whitney Daly on Dec 7, 2016 1:30:26 PM

Throughout the year, we've spoken to hundreds of economic developers, whether by way of presentation, webinar, lunch, or pitch. And we've offered thousands of pieces of advice along the way, all in the name of making communities great. It's really what we're passionate about, and we're confident many of you would attest to this very point. Nothing we say or do lacks genuine thought or interest in the people we call clients, partners, colleagues, and friends, and with that, we're back with more counsel. Here are 11 things economic developers can do to energize their efforts heading into 2017. 

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A Collection of "Top 5" Lists for Economic Developers

Posted by Whitney Daly on Nov 3, 2016 11:54:15 AM

Economic developers need tools; back pocket tools that aid in making their work easier. And easier means having the necessary resources readily available for when tough decisions arise. Decisions like:

  • How do we position our community digitally so that we generate utmost awareness?
  • What are other economic development organizations doing that we can emulate and make work for our community?
  • Through what social channels can we reach our desired audiences, and how do we most effectively promote ourselves on each of these platforms?
  • In economic development, where are the decision makers looking for information? And what types of information do they want to consume?
  • What are the methodologies driving the profession? Are there new strategies and techniques EDOs are deploying that we too can utilize for maximum exposure and impact?
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Generalist or Specialist...Making the Decision

Posted by Whitney Daly on Jun 2, 2016 2:58:17 PM

In economic development, should you hire a generalist or specialist? It's a question we raised in our last post, which sparked some great comments from those in the industry.

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