Using Instagram to Target Millennial Talent

Posted by Rory Finch on Aug 15, 2019 2:29:52 PM

Today’s economic development market is facing a problem that is causing some EDOs hardship, that is, how do I attract new/young talent to my community? While there are many strategies out there to tackle this issue, one way that may be hard to adopt because of a generational gap, is using social media platforms. Yes, you should have a Facebook and a LinkedIn profile, but did you know that Instagram is now the 2nd largest social platform that users log into daily behind Facebook? Over 60% of users now login on a daily basis, and of these users, the average time spent on the platform is 53 minutes, giving you ample amount of time to cater to the millennial generation (Recode).


Why else should you use Instagram to attract talent? Today’s talent is so content focused that it would be hard to find someone in your talent audience NOT familiar with posting at least a photo a year.  According to Statista, the United States has roughly 110 million Instagram users. Of these 110 million users, about 78% of these are within the working age range of 18-54. This means your target talent attraction audience is waiting for you, one scroll at a time. 


Since you’ve bought into using Instagram as a way to deliver your message to the world, here are some tips and tricks to help you build engagement and reach your talent.


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The Rise of Remote Workers

Posted by John Karras on Apr 9, 2019 11:50:59 AM

Going to work ain’t what it used to be. The office, the job, and the work itself are no longer tied to a single location for a growing segment of U.S. workers. Millions of talented people are choosing where they want to live, and either bringing their job with them, or creating their own career path through entrepreneurial ventures or “gig economy” work. The rise of remote workers is one of the biggest changes hitting our labor market – arguably more significant than automation or the retirement of Baby Boomers – and it’s gone largely unnoticed until recently. How did this paradigm shift happen? And what does it mean for the economic development profession?

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The 411 on Attracting Top Talent...Today!

Posted by Whitney Daly on Apr 29, 2016 12:51:05 PM

We recently hosted a webinar on workforce, and we discussed its current state, challenges associated with it, and whether development or attraction is a better strategy (note: no clear winner was chosen). In an effort to shed even more light on the topic, and show how communities are taking workforce strategies to the next level, we share with you one organization who is mastering the talent attraction market.

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