Troubleshooting Your Website

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Nov 17, 2009 9:22:03 AM

Have a question about your website? Wondering how to use your content management system? Confused about a button, function or change? Here are a few tips for troubleshooting your website based on website best practices and troubleshooting the CMS (content management system) that controls your website based on online resources.

This can save you money and teach you a lot about your website, best practices and the way the online technology continues to grow and work.

  1. Retrace your steps. If something just broke: ask yourself what the last thing you did was and try undoing it. Maybe there is a better way to do that.
  2. Check your manual. If you have a manual or training file, check that for your answer.
  3. Check the blog. If you're an Atlas client, look here for your answer. You can search entries by typing a phrase or word into the search field at the upper right. If you are not an Atlas client, ask your firm if they have a blog.
  4. Google it! If you can't find your answer by retracing, manual reading and blog checking, try asking your question in Google.
  5. Try W3C Schools. For HTML and CSS tutorials, there's no better place. If you are working in the advanced features of your CMS (the HTML), these tutorials can solve many of your dilemmas.
  6. Contact your support team. If you haven't found the answers or don't have time to go searching, contact your firm. After all, we are here to help.

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