Twitter 101 for Place Marketers

Posted by Guillermo Mazier on Jul 25, 2009 5:35:09 AM

Twitter - the social media craze that is growing by thousands of percentage points - has released a guide to itself. They're calling it Twitter 101 for Business.

In their own words: "When people working in the Empire State Building twittered that they were craving ice cream delivery, New York local chain Tasti D Lite was there to listen and meet their need. When electronics buyers look for good deals, the Dell Outlet Twitter account helps them save money with exclusive coupons. When Houston's coffee drinkers decide where to get their daily dose, many choose Coffee Groundz, which lets them order via Twitter. Read on to learn what Twitter is and to get detailed examples of how companies are using it. On these pages, we’ll also reveal how Twitter can help your business right now."

Check out Twitter 101 for Business.

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