What We Live and Breathe at Atlas Advertising

Posted by Whitney Daly on Jul 7, 2015 9:29:02 AM

"If you live and breathe an activity or subject, you spend most of your time doing it or thinking about it."

We couldn't agree more. In fact, we want to take this definition one step further. We believe that living and breathing a certain activity means you're fervently passionate about that certain something, you wish for it to succeed, you pour your heart and soul into making it the very best it can be, and you don't stop until...well, actually, you never stop in your endeavor to make it happen.

At Atlas Advertising, we live and breathe marketing. We live and breathe community marketing. We live and breathe bringing jobs to communities all the over the country. We live and breathe making an economic impact for communities and people all over the world. And most importantly, we live and breathe supporting one another in an effort to make our agency the very best in our industry. We love what we do, and we execute not only our values, but our passions 24/7.

Our tried and true values show us as a team that spares no expense in doing the very best for our clients and each other.

So what are these values we speak of? Let us show you.

We Go Above and Beyond. 
We are customer, colleague, and partner focused problem solvers, going above and beyond to empower atlas_team_1greatness. 

We Do the Right Thing.
In empowering greatness in others, we are kind, patient, and compassionate in knowing that each customer, colleague, and partner is on their own journey.  

We Are Relentlessly Curious.   
As passionate, worldly explorers. We empower greatness by being open minded about new experiences, and we are never satisfied that we have learned or taught enough.    

We Push the Envelope.   atlas_team_2
We understand that to empower greatness, it is our responsibility to innovate and evolve how we do what we do. To achieve this, we constantly generate and share new ideas from what we have learned in new, forward thinking ways. 

We Are a Tribe.  
We are one. We humbly honor our diverse backgrounds, skills, and personal qualities, but are purposeful about the customers, colleagues, and partners we collaborate with.  

One more thing: we're transparent in communicating our values, our passions, and our work to you - our clients, customers, colleagues, prospects, vendors, competitors, and passersby. We invite you to explore. Explore us, explore Atlas, and ask us anything.

Our next webinar is on July 30. It's a great opportunity to learn more about us and see us in action. Hope to see you there!


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