What would happen if you improved economic development by 1%?

Posted by Mariel DuPont on Jul 15, 2014 7:30:00 AM

We recently read an article that talked about the “Science of Marginal Gains.” Specifically, what would happen if you improved everything you did by 1%? The article featured British Cyclist Dave Brailsford of Great Britain’s professional cycling team.

Brailsford believed in the concept of marginal gains and went on to describe it as the “1 percent margin for improvement in everything you do.” His theory was that if you improved every area related to cycling by just 1 percent, then those small gains would add up to remarkable improvements.

Then it hit me. What if we applied the same principal to economic development? And what examples of this principle were there around the country?

One organization, the Greater MSP, uses what they call a “margin of excellence” to not only improve things by 1%, but rather by 25%.

Here is what they are reporting:


Read more about the science of marginal gains:


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