Why Site Selectors Won’t Open Your Emails

Posted by Mariel DuPont on Aug 12, 2014 4:27:00 PM


Do you ever wonder why your prospects won’t open your emails? Was it something you said? Did they even receive it? And how do you know what a good open rate is for the economic development industry?


According to our research you want to aim for no less then a 20% email open rate and a 1% click through rate depending on your email content. If it's less then that, you're in trouble. 

Here are the 3 main reasons prospects aren't opening your emails:

  1. Your email content contains words that trigger spam filters. Check out the words that trigger these filters here
  2. Your email 'Subject Line' is so boring, prospects don't want to waste their time reading your email.
  3. They never asked to be part of your email database, they don't want your product or service and don't appreciate getting emails from you.

Here are some more great take aways from the latest Science of Email 2014 Report:

  • Email recipients say they prefer image-based emails, but data says otherwise.
  • Email filters have made it easier to ignore unwanted messages.
  • Filtering methods are common among all demographics, but especially younger recipients.
  • Younger demographics use more smartphones then tablets.
  • Younger recipients prefer HTML formatted emails.
  • Contra-competitive timing can yield higher email CTRs - send emails when others aren't.
  • Mobile users are like to open one-to-many emails at a time rather then just a single email. returntosender
  • iPhones account for more than half of mobile email opens.
  • Short and sweet emails yield better results.

Download the full report here.

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